Before Selling Your Car Guide

What You Should Know Before Selling Your Car

It’s not easy to let go of your old car, no matter how many times you consider selling it. After all, you have many wonderful memories attached to your vehicle. The procedure of selling a vehicle isn’t simple either. There are various protocols and procedures to consider, as there are no shortcuts to sell a car.

But if you have made up your mind to sell your old vehicle, here are a few important things to consider before making the final deal:

1. Do the Paperwork

The initial step is to have every document in place. Make a list of all documents that the forthcoming buyer may require. These include a document of service history, registration certificate, details of regional transport office (RTO) taxes, no-objection certificate if you have bought the car on loan and emissions or pollution certificate.

2. Get the Insurance Right

Your ride served you well on the road. Thus, your insurance policy has no claims bonus (NCB). All the credit goes to you for handling your vehicle well. But when selling your car, do inform your car insurer.

You could request an NCB preserve letter for retaining the bonus for two years or more. You would even be able to shift this NCB to your new car. Your accident protection won’t be moved to the new owners unless you wish to do so.

3. Run the Inspections

You might be selling your car because its maintenance is too costly. But before selling it, get it inspected thoroughly. Fix the small faults on time, as a well-maintained car will help you negotiate better and get a better deal.

4. Know the Value

If you intend to sell your vehicle, you should evaluate it. The initial step here is to determine the real value of your vehicle. You could research on your own or consult a professional car trader. Keep in mind, the market works diversely for various vehicles. A vintage vehicle is priced very differently compared to a luxury car or an economy car.

5. Prepare Your Car for the Show

The best strategy is to always put your best foot forward. Start by giving your vehicle a thorough wash. Clean the insides also. Finish with polishing and waxing to make the vehicle appear sparkling like a new one. A local car wash can help you do so.

6. Draw out the Photos

Having some great photographs of the car is also a good step to aid the sale procedure. Use the best pictures when you post ads. Visual pictures draw in more purchasers.

At last, you can sell the vehicle yourself or through car traders (either online or through dealers). Selling your vehicle online will spare you from all the hassles, as they offer end-to-end solutions and you could even fetch a good price.