Deal with an Insurance Company After an Accident

How to Deal with an Insurance Company After an Accident?

When you’re met with an accident, after recovery, you certainly think of submitting a claim to the insurance company. Sometimes, this process may be long and confusing too. The insurance companies have to perform certain duties as per the law. But they also try to protect the financial interests by paying just the minimal claimed amount.

However, if you are aware of the dynamics, you can easily go through the submission and substantiating your claim. Here are some tips to deal with the insurance company after your accident:

1. Don’t Befriend Adjusters of Insurance Company

Insurance adjusters are friendly to all customers but they are not your actual friends. Being friendly is part of their strategy to build customer trust. But they are not really concerned about your accident and only focused on resolving the claim for a low amount. So, don’t be fooled by their friendly behavior, thinking that they could help you in getting the whole amount.

2. Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer

By consulting a personal injury lawyer, you will be able to understand the legal points and learn how to recover the compensation for injuries. Moreover, your lawyer can also help you with the submission and substantiation of the claim in a legal manner. Hiring an attorney is important to protect your interests.

3. Handle Communications Promptly

Certain insurance policies have a clause for reporting claims within a specific period and one must submit it within the given timeline. If you don’t handle these communications promptly, your insurance company may consider that the claim is not important for you. So, make sure the claims are completed as per the lawsuit and terms and conditions of the insurance company.

4. Allow Experts to Negotiate

Claimants must not try to negotiate any settlement themselves. Instead, let the insurance agents deal with various aspects of the claims regularly. Certain insurance agents may even offer you a prompt settlement for enticing the claimant so that he/she accepts it without hiring an attorney. But having a personal injury lawyer for handling and negotiating such tasks is important for getting a higher claim amount. On the contrary, if you don’t hire a lawyer, your case might face claim denial or you end up receiving an inadequate compensation amount.

5. Figure out All Recoverable Damages

Before making any negotiations with your insurance company, you must be aware of the whole extent of the accidental damages. You can take the help of your lawyer for identifying all the sources of accident damages. Furthermore, you have to consider the amount of the accident damage you would sustain. You can add it to your car insurance or medical insurance, including hospital bills, treatment, medication costs, travel costs, etc.