Car Safety Features

5 Main Car Safety Features People Need to Know About

We always think about buying a dream car. However, when turning the dream into reality, we think about its colour, design, look, and manufacturer and often skip the safety features.

Vehicle security features have made some fantastic progress in the past few years. For example, safety seat belts and airbags play a vital role in reducing the after-effects of accidents. Safety features in a car minimize the loss of life, as well as the asset. The majority of common buyers don’t know much about the safety features of the vehicle they are buying.

So here we are going to discuss the five main car safety features.

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

The first feature is about braking. Previously the braking systems in cars used to apply braking pressure to the rear wheels only. The introduction of ABS tackled the slipping issue and furthermore enabled the driver to keep the control while braking on smooth, as well as rough, surfaces. So make sure the car that you are going to buy has ABS feature in it.

Seat Belts

This is a very well known safety feature in cars. The primary job of the seat belt is to keep the driver and co-passengers safe by preventing them from smashing onto the dashboard, steering wheel or windscreen during an accident. In the case of an accident, safety belts keep you inside the vehicle. So make sure you won’t start your journey without using seat belts.

Air Bags

This feature also plays a vital role in protecting the driver and passengers in the event of major accidents. An airbag is a huge nylon balloon, which expands and flattens quickly in case of an accident. The purpose of an airbag is to lessen the damage by padding the inhabitant’s contact with the interiors of the vehicle.

Front-Crash Warning

This is one of the most advanced safety features in modern vehicles. Front-Crash cautioning is a progressive crash safety feature, as it alarms the driver with a visual cautioning that a crash is close by, with the expectation that the driver will hit the brakes and stop the car.

Over Speed Alert system

With wide and better roads, this feature is essential nowadays. Today cars are getting faster than ever before and thus, the number of accidents is increasing. These systems offer the undeniable advantage of making the driver mindful of intemperate speed and thus, help in avoiding accidents caused due to speeding.

The list of safety features is quite long. With continuous research and development in the automobile sector, new safety features are being introduced in cars with each passing day. So always think about the safety features of the car before buying it.